Wood Wood and more wood


Wow, seems like only a few minutes ago I was writing about Easter and here I am blogging again (yes it was only a few minutes ago!!) So, if you can remember all the way back to the Easter post …

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Boys in the Bush


For a long time now, Stuart, Paul and I have been saying that we should have a boys weekend up at Little Duna. No kids, No wives, No dogs…just us 🙂 So last weekend after talking about it so long, …

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Every trip is an adventure


Once again we have returned from another few days at Little Duna. As the tittle says, every trip is an adventure, and this time we had an unexpected adventure on the way home no less… but more of that soon. …

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The Shed


Finally, after months of waiting, mid last week I got an email from Ranbuild with the final payment for the shed. It is done 🙂 Now before I make the final payment, I was pretty keen to lay eyes on …

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Glenrowan – a step back in time with the Kelly Gang


You know where we are in Violet Town is Kelly country. There is a chance that Australia’s most famous bushranger once wandered across where our block is now… who knows?? So, given the impeding rain, we thought we might take …

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This Road has gotta be built!


I feel like I am on the home stretch… one way or another in the next few days this road has got to be built!!! So I took two days of annual leave this week to finish the driveway. Was …

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A quick trip to Violet Town


OK ok, I know you’re waiting for the latest update on Violet town (Mum & Dad), so here it is.. Was a quick trip this time round, Fiona was off on a Girls weekend with her school friends, re-living and …

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Building a driveway


Finally things are underway again. After weeks of watching the weather luck was finally on my side and I managed to get a weekend with no rain in Violet Town, and nothing else on!! I have been watching the weather …

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What a mess!!


This morning, Zac and I took an early morning drive to Violet Town to drop off the “Guest House” to its new home, giving me back my driveway at home!!!! We had had a late night at the O’Loans last …

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A cold weekend at Little Duna


So here we are again at Little Duna. Didn’t really think we would be back here so often during winter, but we just have so much fun we can’t stay away!! Left a little later than usual last night, was …

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