Every trip is an adventure


Once again we have returned from another few days at Little Duna. As the tittle says, every trip is an adventure, and this time we had an unexpected adventure on the way home no less… but more of that soon. …

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Glenrowan – a step back in time with the Kelly Gang


You know where we are in Violet Town is Kelly country. There is a chance that Australia’s most famous bushranger once wandered across where our block is now… who knows?? So, given the impeding rain, we thought we might take …

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Life changes. Life is like an ocean, fluidly ever changing with new adventures and challenges over every wave, calm seas are great and while you are having such a great time, you never realize just how good it is. You cannot …

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Another slow pack down in Alice Spings yesterday. Mark had been having more car troubles this time with the cooling system losing fluid on the long hot days. Every morning we were having to fill the system, carefully bleeding the …

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We made it…


Well yesterday we completed our Journey North, spending Emma’s Birthday in Darwin. Didn’t think we would make it there for awhile, but our trip north is finally complete. The morning started as most Birthday’s do, new presents for the Birthday …

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You’ll never guess where we are this morning….

You’ll never guess where we are this morning…. WHat’s that you say? Cloncurry? ….well… err… yes. How did you guess? Dropped by the mechanics about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and at least this time Mark’s car was off the tow truck, …

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Cars, Celtic Stones and The Farm


So this morning after breakfast, I thought I would head out to the car and install the new relay for the second battery. Wasn’t too difficult a job as the wiring was already in place so all I had to …

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Happy Australia Day :)


Happy Australia Day everyone 🙂 As you know we are down here at Inverloch for another Australia Day caravan park celebration, except this year…. it is just not that hot!! What is going on, usually for Australia day we are …

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