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Our Final Day

So, the day started like any other, with the exception that it was a travelling day and for some reason everyone slept in!! At least almost everyone slept in, someone and I won’t name names woke early to bring you …

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A Covert Mission

Under the cover of darkness, 10 weary travelers rolled into Vermont South after 5 1/2 weeks on the road and more than 12,000 kms covered around this great country of ours. Was to be the perfect surprise when our loyal …

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Ok, so at first the heading doesn’t look like it makes sense, but that is where we actually are… Orroroo! A very slow pack down in Coober Pedy yesterday as Fi and Kate headed off about 8:30am to find the …

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Kate’s Opal

She has found it… Her own special Opal.

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Coober Pedy – Who would have thought???

Day started with a trip into town so Kate could shop for opals. We all piled into the first store where we met a nice guy who let all the kids have a gem stone and also gave each family …

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Coober Pedy

A long day on the road after a big day at the rock. As always happens, on a big day of driving with 750kms to cover, we couldn’t get the kids out of bed!! Even the Waldron kids who are …

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Conquered (by) the Rock!

Woke today to a strong wind blowing from the East and the gusts were cold! We have been so acclimatised to the warm weather that we couldn’t cope with the 17 degrees outside this morning…strange when we started this trip, …

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A Rock!
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Another slow pack down in Alice Spings yesterday. Mark had been having more car troubles this time with the cooling system losing fluid on the long hot days. Every morning we were having to fill the system, carefully bleeding the …

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Some photos of the past few days….

Ok I get the hint!!! Here are the last few days in visual review.. Kids having fun at devils marbles. Despite the heat they loved climbing and exploring. Then off to Wycliffe which she’s had reported alien sightings… The petrol …

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