The Bends

Was just looking through some old documents on the the PC when I came across a story I wrote for my Dive Club Newsletter back in 2003. While it is an old story and not really related to this site, …

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The Kushicorn

Finally the wait is over and The Kushicorn movie has been released.     Thank god the movie has been released and finally I can mow the back lawn :p   Enjoy

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The Kushicorn Trailer

Can’t wait until the full movie is released…    

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Easter 2016 at Little Duna

Wow!! It is Easter already!! Been a long time since my last post and so much has happened… (why do I always seems to be starting my blogs by apologising for not having updated the blogs??) So here is a …

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Ok, so granted we are 1 year on from my 40th, but I was lucky enough last year to be given a Flyboarding experience from the Stiles, Magner’s and Waldron’s. Problem last year was I went and got my tattoo …

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Boy’s weekend at Little Duna

I can’t believe how long it has been since I was last up at Little Duna!! Somehow months had gone by with the last visit being the end of May, so I was a little nervous as Stu and I …

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Wood Wood and more wood

Wow, seems like only a few minutes ago I was writing about Easter and here I am blogging again (yes it was only a few minutes ago!!) So, if you can remember all the way back to the Easter post …

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Easter 2015

Seems strange to be writing about Easter in May, but I thought it was probably time to give an update. Was a busy weekend with lots of things going wrong, but as always we still managed to have a great …

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Time for a catch up

Wow how time gets away from us. Been too long since I posted up here, and now believe it or not I have four trips that I have to update you on!!! For the first, I have to take you …

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Boys in the Bush

For a long time now, Stuart, Paul and I have been saying that we should have a boys weekend up at Little Duna. No kids, No wives, No dogs…just us 🙂 So last weekend after talking about it so long, …

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