Every trip is an adventure


Once again we have returned from another few days at Little Duna. As the tittle says, every trip is an adventure, and this time we had an unexpected adventure on the way home no less… but more of that soon. …

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Happy New Year


Ok, ok, ok… I know I should have posted this about a week ago, but I’m on holidays and I’ve been really really busy (out-right lie) and just haven’t possibly had the time to post up here (another out-right lie…I’ve …

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Merry Christmas


First of all a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you all survived another Xmas with plenty of food, drink and cheer. Wer had a great Christmas day at home with the Morton’s side for lunch. Fiona really out did …

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Fire Contained


Just checked the CFA website and it appears the fire is contained. All good until the next one!!

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Fire Season is here….


Not sure if having the CFA app alerting me to every fire around the block is a good thing or not!!! One of these is only 2.6km away!!!   My phone is going nuts with all of these just popping …

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The Shed


Finally, after months of waiting, mid last week I got an email from Ranbuild with the final payment for the shed. It is done 🙂 Now before I make the final payment, I was pretty keen to lay eyes on …

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We got a slab…


Finally, after months of waiting, wet ground, bog holes and lots of weekends building a gravel road, the slab for the shed got poured 🙂 So, this weekend we took a quick trip up the Hume to check it out. Left late …

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The Haunted House

Tara and Jess, inspired by the success of their first thriller decided to make a second movie… This one is even scarier than the first!!!! Don’t watch it just before bed time!!! I suggested maybe something a little more light …

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Happy Birthday Uncle Shaun

Tara and Jess did such a wonderful job of making a movie for Uncle Shaun’s birthday that I just had to share it… http://youtu.be/7J5rtCWWXT8 Not a normal post for here, but they just did such a great job. Well done …

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Glenrowan – a step back in time with the Kelly Gang


You know where we are in Violet Town is Kelly country. There is a chance that Australia’s most famous bushranger once wandered across where our block is now… who knows?? So, given the impeding rain, we thought we might take …

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