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A miserable last day

Well our last day has been reasonably miserable… well weather wise anyway. We had to put an extension on the annex because of all the rain… …and most of the day has been spent sitting around doing not much…. actually …

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The last day

What the? How did that happen? I thought we were going for a big trip and yet all of a sudden there is only one day left!!!! Holidays go way too fast 🙁 Sorry about no blog yesterday, but there …

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It all started as fun, but now a couple of 8 yo’s are going to get their butts whipped by a couple of nearly 40 yo’s!!!! This game is getting serious!!

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Cup Weekend in Angelsea

Cup weekend in Melbourne and what better than spending it at the Angelsea Foreshore caravan park. We left Friday arvo reasonably on time yesterday (which is rare for us to be so organized!!). We picked up the kids after school, …

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