Cup Weekend in Angelsea

Cup weekend in Melbourne and what better than spending it at the Angelsea Foreshore caravan park.

We left Friday arvo reasonably on time yesterday (which is rare for us to be so organized!!). We picked up the kids after school, went home, threw the last bits in the van and managed to be on the road by about quarter past 4!

Trip down wasn’t too bad, of course we hit the slow moving peak hour as we came across the westgate, but that soon cleared up and while the traffic was was heavy, it was at least moving.

We decieded along the way to stop at KFC for a feed (seems to be what we do), but unfortunately they have extended the by-pass and we no longer come out near shops, so we had no choice but to continue on. We arrived at the (very packed) caravan park just after 6pm.

Is a great park, with over 600 sites, beach and river access, a jumping pillow, multiple playgrounds and games rooms. There is even a toddler room for Claire! The kids will have a ball.

Mark and I had a less than easy Van setup this time, as we had both decided with the wind and potential rain we would put the walls up on the annex. Stupid anti-flap design meant we probably spent a good 2 hours mucking around to get it up and secure… almost gave up a few times!

Luckily we did get them up while Fi and Kate drove into town for fish’n’chips, cause once the sun went down, the onshore breeze picked up and it got really cold. Once the kids were in bed, we spent the night huddled around the Kerosene heater on the lee side of the Annex. It was so cold that Fi even pulled out the “..ugly rug that I would never been seen dead in… it is a G’ma rug!” Lucky it was cold so no one saw you Fi…. except the whole world now cause here is a photo LOLOLOLOLOLOL!



Mind you I shouldn’t laugh cause I was huddled under my “cow” blanket!!! At least no one got a photo of that!!!

Anyway, lazy day today, and while it is not cold, it is not warm either, so no beach for us! Not sure what we will end up doing, so you will just have to wait for tomorrow’s blog…

PS – Hopefully Judith come through and comes down to visit us on Sunday… weather is meant to be good and we would love for them to join us… hint…hint…

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