Happy Australia Day :)

Happy Australia Day everyone 🙂

As you know we are down here at Inverloch for another Australia Day caravan park celebration, except this year…. it is just not that hot!!

What is going on, usually for Australia day we are super hot and looking for any bit of shade, but not this year… everyone is in jumpers and trying to keep out of that southerly that is continuing to blow 🙁

Oh well, like all good Australian’s we will just have to drink through it…. err… I mean just put up with it!!


At least the wind is keeping my nice new super sized Aussie flag flying!!

Not sure we will make it to the beach today, although may go for a walk later if the tide is out.

Have done well with the setup this year, Mark and I have our van’s facing each, and I have strung my shade cloth between the two awning’s to give a bit of cover. Mark put one of his walls on to try to block the wind, and after freezing in the wind all night, I found a couple of tarps in the van that I didn’t realise I had, so we have been able to block that breeze and give at least a little bit of comfort.


Fi has made it down here in good time (worried she was going to cope too much shit about sleeping in!!) after having to work until midnight last night. We took a tribe of kids out the front to bring all Fi’s stuff in, and the caravan park staff came running out thinking we were letting more people in onto our site!!! Can’t miss out on their extra few dollars a night!!

Zac did end up sleeping outside in his swag last night, and had a good night’s sleep, so don’t think he is going to have any issue when we finally get the new car and head out bush. One month to go, and who knows, I might even blog those camping and 4wd adventures here too 😉

Anyway, have a great Australia day, and I’ll try to remember to blog again tomorrow 🙂

PS – was a caravan trip I didn’t blog on… the annual boys trip to the Murray. Not much to report (or that I would report 😉 ), but thought I would post this photo of our great campsite.


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