Fire Contained

Just checked the CFA website and it appears the fire is contained. All good until the next one!!

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Fire Season is here….

Not sure if having the CFA app alerting me to every fire around the block is a good thing or not!!! One of these is only 2.6km away!!!   My phone is going nuts with all of these just popping …

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Little Duna is Burning!!

The day started as any other up here. Woke to the tranquil sounds of Little Duna. It is so peaceful up here and it is finally starting to feel like home. We arrived about 9:30pm Friday night, early really given …

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The Windmill Big 4 – Ballarat

Was a lazy day yesterday 🙂 A slow morning, sleeping in, a late breakfast followed by mostly sitting around doing very little!! Just the way I like it 🙂 All the kids woke ratty yesterday for some reason and for …

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