We are on the move again

After night of dreams of being stuck in Cloncurry till next week i arose early. Craig had just blogged so was up. It was 7ish. I said lets head down soon and put a rocket under them. So i headed off for a shower and just as i was about to get in, the phone rings. “Hi is Jeen from Western Diesel, your cars ready” and it was only 8am after a day of inactivity. I literally ran back to camp and said saddle up the car is ready.

I have never seen Kate so happy!!

It is amazing what the promise of beer will do for mechanics especially when it is the end of the week!

Of we headed then just out of Cloncurry Craig announces a historical marker for Kate (from days travelling with Ian!). I thought he was joking and i am glad the van has electric brakes…




We made Mt Isa, got the stone chip fixed and lunch in a park after supporting Craig’s bonus at Coles! Fuel in Mt Isa 155.9′ fuel at Cammoweel where we next stopped, 201.9, holy crap Batman!

After an adults meeting we decided to push on to the NT.






Barkly Homestead is nice, had a meal in the pub, good steak and the kids liked the dog Oscar who patiently sat and waited for scraps. I would say my children are asleep in bed, but they are not asleep and Clare was just busted sweeping the caravan while Matt had a sit on the reflective throne!

We want them doing chores, just not at bed time. We are teaching them the basics of drying dishes and putting them away. Dishwashers spoil them. When we get home, thy are going to do more

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