Heading home…. Far too soon!

Had a great relaxing day yesterday, the weather was superb, the kids all played nicely and made new friends, and Mark and I managed to gather enough firewood to have a very reasonable fire 🙂 Even managed to get the Pathfinder (slow as it is) off road in the State Forrest.

What a great weekend. Our wives tried to convince us to have a sickie on Monday and I must admit I was tempted but…

Unfortunately…. this trip is already over 🙁 it is home time again.

So, time to pack up (I still don’t understand how we managed to spead ourselves so far in so short an amount of time) and hitch up the Pathfinder for another very slow trip through the Black Spur. Let’s hope the car makes it! Keep your fingers crossed for me…

Has been great fun, and can’t wait for the next adventure…. Angelsea for Cup Weekend.


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