The Garden Challenge – My Scheme starts to grow

On Monday at work in between moaning and groaning about the pain I was feeling from shovelling dirt (beginning to sounds like 3 children asked to put garden beds together!!!) the next part of my scheme began to sprout. I …

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The Garden Challenge

Last Sunday morning, I awoke full of energy (that’s a lie) and a burning desire (another Lie) to do something different. Actually I was just looking for a quick project for a Sunday morning, but what has evolved has turned into …

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Wood Wood and more wood

Wow, seems like only a few minutes ago I was writing about Easter and here I am blogging again (yes it was only a few minutes ago!!) So, if you can remember all the way back to the Easter post …

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Easter 2015

Seems strange to be writing about Easter in May, but I thought it was probably time to give an update. Was a busy weekend with lots of things going wrong, but as always we still managed to have a great …

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Time for a catch up

Wow how time gets away from us. Been too long since I posted up here, and now believe it or not I have four trips that I have to update you on!!! For the first, I have to take you …

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Boys in the Bush

For a long time now, Stuart, Paul and I have been saying that we should have a boys weekend up at Little Duna. No kids, No wives, No dogs…just us đŸ™‚ So last weekend after talking about it so long, …

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Every trip is an adventure

Once again we have returned from another few days at Little Duna. As the tittle says, every trip is an adventure, and this time we had an unexpected adventure on the way home no less… but more of that soon. …

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Happy New Year

Ok, ok, ok… I know I should have posted this about a week ago, but I’m on holidays and I’ve been really really busy (out-right lie) and just haven’t possibly had the time to post up here (another out-right lie…I’ve …

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Merry Christmas

First of all a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you all survived another Xmas with plenty of food, drink and cheer. Wer had a great Christmas day at home with the Morton’s side for lunch. Fiona really out did …

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Fire Contained

Just checked the CFA website and it appears the fire is contained. All good until the next one!!

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