The Kushicorn

Finally the wait is over and The Kushicorn movie has been released.



Thank god the movie has been released and finally I can mow the back lawn :p



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5 Responses to The Kushicorn

  1. Kelly says:

    Think we have some movie stars in the making! London is calling….

  2. Shaun Morton says:

    5 star review
    Commanding performance of Oscar winning proportions and dazzlingly cinematography in this feel good family film.
    Favourite quote: “My family is a strange family”

  3. Grandpa Laurie says:

    That was fantastic Jess and Tara. Does that book of spells have something to mow the lawn? Hope Kushi has lost his horn so he can run around.

  4. fiona says:

    Hey enjoyed the movie, taking after Uncle Shawn perhaps! Enjoy cutting that lawn, your kids are beautiful!

  5. Jess Morton Jess???? says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments there will definitely be a sequel????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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