Easter 2016 at Little Duna

Wow!! It is Easter already!! Been a long time since my last post and so much has happened…

(why do I always seems to be starting my blogs by apologising for not having updated the blogs??)

So here is a quick catch up since I last blogged up here… We have been to Little Duna heaps, it was hot over summer, we moved the camp closer to the shed, it was hot over summer, we visited the Violet Town Market twice, put a solar panel on the shed to provide lights inside and power for the water pump, it was hot over summer, the generator broke down again, had a lot of rain and beautiful sunsets in the lead up to Xmas, we fixed the generator which was lucky because we needed the air conditioning with it being so hot over summer…. phew!

Right, so now you are all caught upand it is time for Easter. This year we were lucky to be joined by our friends and family with 25 people camping with us over the long weekend. I’ll try to list them all by name in no particular order… there was Craig (me), Fiona, Zac, Tara, Jess, Kate, Paul, Matty, Emma, Clare, Stuart, Bridget, Tom, Rosie, Louise, Ben, Natasha, Oscar, Lucas, Paul (another one!), Mel, Scarlet, Ethan, Paris and Sienna!! What a troop!

It was fantastic and the entire place had a buzz to it. Everywhere you looked there were children riding bikes, siting in swings, playing table tennis in the shed or just milling around. This was why we bought Little Duna, to share the experience with friends and family. Was an awesome weekend although I feel I never sat for more than a minute as there was always so much to do! I always wanted to be a Park Ranger and now I was in a park of my own LOL. Of course emptying the toilets filled by 25 bums was a shit job, believe me!!

Anyway, rather than write about the weekend i thought I would just share a lot of photos as they say a picture says a million words, but before I do I must show this video of our project for the weekend, which I am very proud of. An instant on gas fired hot water outdoor shower! Turned out fantastic and was very popular with so many dirty bodies. Have a look…

And here is our weekend in photos. Enjoy 🙂

Sunday was not only Easter, but Tara and Jess’s 10th Birthday. Happy Birthday girls and hope you like the karaoke machine!!

Sunday afternoon Fi took the girls back home to see Matilda for their birthday.

Happy Birthday Tara and Jess

Happy Birthday Tara and Jess

Until next time I’ll leave you with this beautiful sunset over the Little Duna Dam.

Sunset over Little

Sunset over Little



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3 Responses to Easter 2016 at Little Duna

  1. Shaun Morton says:

    Glad to see the blog making a comeback! Have missed reading about the adventures rather than hearing them trickle down fourth hand. Hope the girls had a wonderful birthday! x

  2. Sophie says:

    Happy Birthday Jess & Tara!
    Glad you had a great birthday and can’t wait to catch up soon.

    P.S- Uncle Craig, the shower looks great!????????

  3. Nicola says:

    What great memories for the girls’ 10th birthday!
    (Not a bad effort on the shower either!)

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