Ok, so granted we are 1 year on from my 40th, but I was lucky enough last year to be given a Flyboarding experience from the Stiles, Magner’s and Waldron’s. Problem last year was I went and got my tattoo over summer (Yes I have one… shock horror and all that but now that the whole world knows…. let’s move on!) and that meant I couldn’t swim until about Easter, then it got cold, then it was winter and well… somehow it was a year later when as the weather started to warm up I realised that I had better get it booked in before it expired!!

So last Sunday, we made our way down to Port Melbourne where I got to have a lot of fun pretending to be ironman as the family watched on.

Company was Go Flyboard ( and below is the footage they took from a drone buzzing around me. (I had no idea the drone was even there!!!)


Awesome fun and if you get the chance you should all add it to your bucket list. Wasn’t as hard as it looks and the company said the oldest person that has had a go was a 75 year old lady!!! If she could do it so could you!!

2015-11-25 19.21.19

Thanks for an awesome experience.

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  1. George Vee says:

    Looks like lots of fun and not a broken bone in site, bet Fi was happy with that result.

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