Final Day in Arile Beach

Yesterday was our final day in Airlie Beach, and our final day on the coast. From here it is time to turn West and make our way in land. It is almost a shame really leaving the beautiful coast for the dry and dusty outback, but we want to be well off the coast before the school holidays.

Kate and Fi were a little concerned yesterday as another caravaner had mentioned in the laundry that they were heading north and had to book ahead because it was already getting hard to find vacancies. School Holidays are approaching, and the parks are filling up!

Mark and I had to explain to the girls that we will be well off the coast by tonight and are confident that were we end up today is not a place people will be flocking to for the school holidays! A quick look at Google Maps and they finally got it!

Now the adventure begins…

Anyway, yesterday was a lazy day, and probably one of the most relaxing yet. We all woke slowly getting some much needed sleep after our big day on Daydream Island, cooked up B&E’s for breakfast before getting on to some hard core relaxing. Event the kids seemed a little slower today, not bugging us to go to the pool or the park. Was a great way to spend the day.

In the afternoon while Kate and I looked after the kids, Mark went for a haircut and Fi and Zac popped into the local Coles store for supplies, working off the assumption that things will start to get more remote from here on in! Zac, taking his own money must have been really concerned about the remoteness, because he came back with a huge shopping bag of water balloons and lollies!

When they returned, I found a local Thai masseuse in Cannonvale finally getting that massage for my back. Was a great massage (just like being in Thailand) and I feel about 15 years younger with all those travelling knots worked out. I can finally move again!!

Anyway, not much more to report, had a BBQ cookup for tea, then packed some of the big stuff away to ease the process in the morning. Big day on the road today as we point towards Mount Isa, but being 12+ hours away, I think we will have to find something along the way.

So I’ll leave you as I sing (in my best country music accent) “On the road again… I just can’t wait to get on the road again……”

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