The week in review

How time flies!! We have been away for a week now and if this week is anything to go by, we are in for a great holiday. I know that we have already blogged every day but thought I would re cap some of my highlights.

I really enjoyed the first caravan park we stayed in tooraweenah – I have never been greeted with scones and chocolates for the kids on rival to any park and the hosts were very friendly. After many hours in the car this was a welcomed surprise.

Next stop Glen Innes – we loved our stay there. Was great to see Nan and the relies. Everyone is still the same and as I remember them. I can highly recommend Hotel Newsome. Thanks again Mary and Ray.

Despite the initial concerns the kids had with the farm they have continued to talk fondly of Mike the baby cow and the girls are even saying they do want their ears pierced!! Seems we won’t need to save for therapy after all:)

Then we made the trek to Hastings Point… The park is just as great as I remember. Kids pool is even better with a rip off of Buckaneer Bay from Wet and Wild right there in the park. Trips to the theme parks have been well documented but from my point it was lovely to share it with Aunties, cousins and Granny and to see the kids having such a great time. I’m glad Craig had someone to share the thrills and spills with as I am a tad scared of the rides.

Thank you Amy, Jess and Kelly for being such great sports and spoiling all the kids!! We have had a great time with you. Many laughs had by all.

Who knew we could bed 7 people in Toorak van,not sure how much sleep Kelly got as lil Jess snuggled up and rested her head on Kelly’s shoulder but the kids enjoyed the sleep over with her!
Kids were a tad taken aback when we had to say good bye to Granny this morning, I think they thought she would be on holidays with us for the rest of the trip. Good on you Ma for braving some of the rides and sleeping on the bottom bunk… I know it’s not the Ritz Carlton but we have loved having you with us. I think you could easily become a grey nomad in your retirement!! Happy birthday for Monday and safe travel home.xx

Short cuts:
I tried a strawberry and white chocolate pizza …. Yummy
Zac and Mat found a new love of water bombs!
Tara is braver than I thought… She has daredevil in her blood!
1 bottle of baileys is not enough!
Kids really don’t need breakfast… Seems lollies are enough to keep them going
Theme parks are great for all ages.

Wonder what the next few weeks will bring!















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  1. Mary says:

    Wow what a week you will be pleaded to have a few quiet days.

  2. Fiona Govan says:

    What lovely pics Fi, I take it that is your Mom with the kids? Hope the next week brings as much excitement!

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