Finish off Inverloch

Ok ok, I’m sorry, never got around to finishing off the Inverloch trip, and now two weeks later it seems a little late, but in fairness I should put something in here!!

Not a great deal to report (although every time I say that I tend to write paragraph after paragraph!!).

Saturday was spent mostly at the beach, not a bad day and we certainly had better weather than last time, but there was a decent wind coming down the river that kept picking up the sand and sand blasting our skin! Inverloch also got inundated by a kite surfing club. Looked amazing with probably 30-50 kite surfers all launching from the beach, but was a little dangerous for the kids 🙁

We did manage to walk across the river at low tide to the large sandbar in the middle, and the kids had a ball collecting different shells in the sand… which all got brought back to camp and then left and forgotten so everyone stood on them!! Grr!

We returned from the beach about 3-3:30pm as the wind started to pickup and poor Granny and Grandpa were almost becoming a wind swept sand dune while we were exploring the sandbar 🙁 It was about this time that Zac found out the little secret we were keeping from him, and the real reason why Fi drove her car down separately….

Every year, Zac’s best mate Ricky somehow manages to have his birthday party on the same weekend we decided to go away, and that happened again this year. Zac was devastated when he learned that he wouldn’t get to go to Ricky’s party, as this was his last year in school and Ricky is likely to go to a different school next year. This year Ricky was having his party at a skate park in Cranbourne.

So, after returning from the beach, I made Zac have a shower and get dressed. “Shoes and Socks” I said, “Huh? Why?” Zac said. “You are going with Mum” I replied.

So he got ready like a good little boy, and when I heard Mitch ask him what he was doing he grumbled “I don’t know, I have to go with Mum… probably shopping or something…”

So Fi and Zac got ready, and just before they left, Fi realised that Zac’s scooter was in the back of my car… so I yelled “Hey Zac, grab your scooter and helmet out of my car”

“Huh? Why do I need my scooter…. OH MY GOD…. are you serious….. thankyou thankyou thankyou” Zac screamed, almost in tears. I have never seen a happier kid in my life.

So Fi and Zac drove the hour back to Cranbourne, and had an awesome time, while the rest of us settled down for afternoon cheese and biscuits, and the remaining kids had a ball on the jumping pillow and playground.

Dinner was a bit of a shambles. As I mentioned before, we were spread all over the park, which meant we really didn’t spend a lot of time together even though this was meant to be a family holiday together. Mum and Dad and I cooked our BBQ at my caravan, while the Leyh’s used the facilities at the camp kitchen. Once my cooking was done, we carried our dinner over to the camp kitchen, but being an echo’y loud room, it wasn’t a great environment for conversation. So we quickly ate and bolted.

After dinner we took the kids for a quick spotlight walk on the beach, then it was off to bed. Being spread all over the park, everyone disappeared to their relative cabins, leaving me and my mate “Jim” sitting outside the van alone reading on my iPad until about 11pm when a very tired Zac and Fi returning from the party.

Anyway, the next morning was a disaster. Sunday was a day filled with communication issues between the Leyh’s and Morton’s. Won’t go into all the details here, but most of the day was impacted by lack of planning activities together and then doing as we agreed. Left a bit of a divide between us, and a lot of wondering why we bother going away “together”.

Anyway, we did manage to get to the Farmers Market again, but were disappointed the animals were not there. Zac wanted to tell them that we had got a couple of pet rats after seeing them there on the Australia Day trip. Then it was back to camp for lunch and a farewell to Granny and Grandpa as they headed home.

We spent the afternoon on the beach again, and was a lot more pleasant without the kite surfers and the wind, then returned to camp for a BBQ, while the Leyh’s headed off for dinner at the pub. Note to self… earlier meals planning next time!

So that is about it (and I did write a lot after all), the next morning we packed up and headed home so I could rip the brake controller out of my car and get it to Nissan to fit to…. MY NEW CAR 🙂

That’s right, I got a nice new shiny Pathfinder!!

So, part of the reason why I thought I would update the blog (finally) is that tomorrow, Zac and I are heading bush for the first of our swag’ing and 4WD’ing adventure. I know it is not a family caravan trip, but hey, this is my blog and I can write what I want, so I thought I would blog those adventures too.

Stay tuned to see just how much fun Zac and I have as we get the first Mud on the new car, and give our swag’s a real test 😉

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