We made it home…

We made it home… was a long slow trip… but we finally made it 🙂

Well we made it yesterday that is… was slow but not that slow!!

We left Taggerty just before midday, and made it home just after 2:30pm. Not bad considering how slow the car was! Painful coming through the spur, and I’m sure we pissed off a good number of the cars that were unfortunate to get stuck behind us… Oh well, at least we didn’t have 300km to travel like the last time, and I actually managed to get a good speed up going down hill!!

The rest of the day was spent unpacking the van and the car, before Zac and I took the Pathfinder up to Car Lover’s to get the mud off it. Left a nice amount of mud in the wash bay too!!

 Note :- this is something Mark and I love to do after he was arrogantly told by the owner not to bring a really dirty car up there as it costs him too much money! He even had the nerve to tell Mark to take it to BP first and get most of the mud off, then bring it back…. yea right…. going to go to one car wash then come back…. and like they aren’t sitting on a gold mine and ripping us all off anyway!!

Anyhow, I took the car to Nissan today, and it turned out to be the solenoid for the turbo and a broken vaccuum hose. All fixed now and ready for the next big adventure on Cup Weekend.

Fingers crossed we don’t repeat that exercise….. again!!

Let’s hope Mark’s wiring in the Prado is just as easy to resolve!

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